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I have been traveling all my life, from my early childhood my parents dragged me everywhere they went and I can tell you that they traveled a lot too, my father was a musician and he was touring most of his time, from town to town, from country to country, music was his passion but family was up most important for him so he managed to combine this two parts of his life into one and almost every time took me and my mother on tours. I have to admit, I had a great childhood, even if we weren’t financially stable, my parents didn’t hesitate to bring me joy every day and guess what was the best part in travelling? Of course the absence of school, sure I went to school when I was in my hometown, but when I was away with my father, mom always managed to teach me and I was not feeling left behind when I got back in school. Another thing my parents taught me was love of music, appreciation of good music going through your ears and leaving you speechless.

My father played a Jazz and he was a guitarist, although he played very good on the harp too, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if I said that I know how to play those to instruments too, watching my father amaze the audience with his music always left me speechless, so one day when I was 5 and my father was playing in Austin, Texas I asked him after the show that I wanted to be able to play like him. I’ll tell you frankly, I can’t play as good as my father, but that is because I didn’t choose music to be my profession, instead I went on to become a professional pool player, that was one of my other passions in life and I’ll talk about it later. Along with lessons from my mom, my father started teaching me to play on the guitar. It was hard at first but he was as good of a teacher as he was a musician, so he quickly taught me how to get a hold of it, the moment I started to enjoy my play was the moment everything exploded around me, I understood how to create beautiful sounds just by pulling the right strings at the right time, after that music became my passion too, I was holding the guitar every moment I could and I would practice as much as I could with it. Even though I wasn’t able to perform in front of people like my dad, I took my share of satisfaction by playing music.

The next stage of my life started when I fell in love with billiards, specifically pool. The place where my father’s gigs took place sometimes had a pool table in it, one day when we were in Rapid City, South Dakota and my father was preparing for the show, he took me to watch a match of 9 ball, he sat me besides him and told me to watch closely at how they played, quickly I became enticed by the game, I was looking at one specific player, as my father then told me, it was Earl Strickland, he was playing with such grace, quickly figuring out all of his next moves and executing the shots with such ease that I couldn’t believe my eyes, I perceived him as a musician with a pool cue as his instrument and the way he controlled the cue ball as his symphony. From then on I decided to become a pool player and now that seems to be the perfect choice for me, because not only am I travelling all over the world, but I’m also playing an instrument that I perceive as the continuation of my hand.

One day when I was in New York, participating in one of the tournaments I had one day ahead of me until the event started, so I decided to go to a concert of a young musician BERA which I hadn’t known by then. I really enjoyed his music and his style of communicating with the crowd. Halfway through the concert Bera took out the guitar and played some impressive music on the scene, that is when I thought to myself that I had to talk to him. After the gig he came down the stage and eagerly talked with his listeners, I approached Bera and complimented him on his guitar playing skills, we had a nice chat, I also told him about my father being a musician and it turned out that he knew my father’s music. Overall, Bera turned out to be a very good person, he later visited me at the tournament to support me and it turned out to be a start of a good friendship that lasts through years.

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Best Gamings With the explosion of application video games, as well as laid-back pc Run 3 in general as a significant part of the video gaming industry, a range of styles have popped up that really did not exist formerly. Among those genres is the run video game, or the running game. Straightforward to play as well as easy to understand, these games all feature various skins and also different motifs, but in the end they all have pretty much the same suggestion.

What Are Cool Gamings?

The short answer is that a run game is a Cubefield where a player guides a running figure through a barrier course as that character is chased by some kind of risk. Maybe an astronaut running from aliens, a miner taking off a collapse, or practically any other kind of circumstance. The theme is the same though; there is a personality running away from some threat, and also the gamer has to help the personality by routing them around challenges that would certainly or else flatten or kill them, leaving them in the path of the thing that’s chasing it.

Some Great Game Instances

Maybe one of the most renowned games out there at the moment is Holy place Run. Created by Imangi Studios, this Tunnel Rush video game has actually had several variations released for the iPad, iPhone and other gadgets.

Other games such as Play the impossible quiz game here and also its sequels, Checkpoint, Cave Run, and also other games all follow the same, standard themes of this endless operating game genre. Whether it’s beating feet through a dark cavern or sprinting at superhuman speed via a city to defuse bombs, a run game always comes down to the very same fast reflexes and also sensation wherefore’s happening when it comes time for a player to get to the last levels.


The controls of any run game are extremely easy. For video games where players see a side-scrolling jogger there’s typically little even more compared to a jump button and also a slide button; one to go over barriers as well as one to go under them.


In running video games there’s only one thing that players should appear in advance; fast reflexes as well as a quick eye. For players that have a rapid shiver reflex and who could mash the appropriate switch in the best direction, these video 2048 Online games are essentially one, huge quick time occasion that duplicates over and over again.

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